What is side pain?

The pain and discomfort felt on the left, or right side of the lower back is known as side pain. Side pain usually occurs with excessive stress or physical workout by people. But sometimes side pains can be a symptom of various diseases and disorders in your body as infection, inflammation, physical stress or trauma.

Side Pain

Some of the diseases that right or left side pain may be a symptom to can cause Abdominal pain, flu, fever, coughs, internal infection or inflammation. Depending on the reasons for the pain, side pain may appear and disappear quickly or stay for a long time. Here are some of the symptoms shown by side pain:

Kidney infection
Kidney stones
IBS (irritable bowl syndrome)
Pulled stomach muscle
Stomach ulcer/tumor
Polycystic ovarian syndrome (for women)
Entropic pregnancy (for women)
Crohns disease
Ulcerative colitis

If you’re having excessive side pain which is not explainable (no physical strain, work ) or has had an injury which has caused the pain, then you should immediately consult a physician or the nearest hospital and take a diagnosis and test taken to figure out the cause of the pain.

But if the pain is being caused by some heavy workout, constant work or with lifting weights, then we suggest you to take some rest and stop doing anything that causes stress to the right of left side of the body, You can do easy back exercises which will help release the pain from your side and pain giving you much-needed relief.

Excessive stress during the time of pain can cause long-lasting effects on your body, posture of your body, so rest is the best way for you to relieve the pain. The pain relief may be obtained faster with the use of massage on the affected part with healing balm. Massage gently on the affected part regularly before you rest or go to bed, which makes the balm work to relieve the muscles and help you to recover from side pain much faster.

To avoid side pain caused by physical stress, you have to remember not to rigorously train on work for multiple hours that require bending your backs and lifting or moving weights around. If you really have to go through these routine, make sure to take breaks and rest your body so that stress doesn’t accumulate on the single area of the body to cause right or left side pain.

Best Exercises for Side Pain

Side pain has become the most common affliction affecting almost 40 percent of the adult population. Hence most adults end up worrying about how to get rid of side pain. Side pain as most sufferers will concur can take away the joy and happiness of your life.

side pain exercise

Patients with side pain can relate to the dreadful feeling every morning when you get out of bed with a sharp pain and realize that you have the whole day to go through. To get rid of side pain completely you can start with few simple back exercises for side pain which can reduce the side pain considerably.

For vertical bend, you must bend forward allowing your spine to stretch thereby permitting the release of tension from the muscles and the nerves. For the vertical band stand on a hard surface preferably without any mat with your legs slightly apart. Slowly lift your arms up and then bend forward while trying to touch your toes with your fingers. Initially, you might just reach your ankles but do not fret and do not exert your side muscles.

Hold the position for about 5 seconds and then return to the standing position. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times every day. After about 2 weeks of regularly exercising you will notice that not only can you reach your toes comfortably but the flexibility of your side muscles would have also returned and the side pain would have also reduced.

The side bend is also done while standing and like the vertical bend the side bend also makes the side muscles more flexible and helps the muscles relax by releasing the accumulated tension. Stand on the floor without a mat with your feet placed slightly apart. Put your hands on your hips, inhale and slowly bend sidewards. As you bend sidewards, you must feel your side muscles relaxing. Do not exert yourself on the first day; gradually increase the bending angle over few weeks.

With these exercises, you can also try some simple back exercises to release some tension on your side area of the body. With simple exercises, your body releases tension on your muscles and relaxes your body for comfort and relief. Back exercises also strengthen and chills your spine which releases stress and tension from your body.

Left side pain under rib cage

Pain under the rib cage can be caused by a wide variety of problems. These can be injuries, illness or any organ under the left side rib cage could be the reasons of the problem. Some of the common known issues are spleen irritation or gas buildup in the colon which leads to the pain under the rib cage.
Some of the problems that can cause pain under right or left side the rib cage are:

side pain under rib

Gas in Colon: – Sometimes gas can be trapped inside the bend of the colon found near the spleen. This has been known to cause pain on the left abdomen or under the rib cage. You can try to release the gas by lying flat on the ground and trying to barf or by leaning over the back of the chair.

Broken rib: – If you’ve just had an injury on your rib cage area and have been having heavy pain while breathing, a broken rib might be a cause of the problem. A broken rib can be seen under x-ray so consult a doctor right away.

Spleen disorder (irritation/rupture): – Irritation or rupture of the spleen during physical activities like running, walking or working can cause pain under the left rib cage. This can be confirmed with pain in the left shoulder tips.

Stomach ulcers: – An ulcer inside the ulcer can also cause a sharp pain under left rib cage. The pain may move up to the shoulder blade area from the rib cage region. This pain may last a few minutes or re-occur in regular intervals.

Irritable Bowel syndrome: – This is a condition which causes pain in the abdomen, bloating and cramps. It also disrupts normal bowl movements by causing diarrhea or constipation depending on the affected person. The sharp pains under the rib cage area can result in with the cramps in the intestines.

Costochondritis: cause- Costochondritis (Costosternal Syndrome) refers to the infection of the cartilage that bond the rib with breastbone which might be caused by stress on the rib cage or by infection. If you are having a hard time breathing heavily then this might be one of the causes of the pain. This pain often at times is misunderstood for heart attack as the pain occurs under the breastbone.

This pain may heal up eventually within weeks with some rest and with some anti-inflammatory medicine like ibuprofen.

Pneumothorax: – This is a state when the membrane of the lungs are ruptured and the air escapes out into the space between the lungs and rib cage causing the lungs to collapse. This condition requires immediate medical attention.Pleuritis/Pneumonia: – Pleuritis is a condition with an inflamed lungs membrane causing pain on the lower ribs during deep breathing and coughs. Pneumonia is an infection caused on the lungs either bacterial, viral or other microorganism causing pain, coughs, and fever.

Kidney disorder: – Kidney disorder like kidney stone could cause immense pain on the right or left side of the body as to which kidney is affected.

Common Causes of Left Side Pain in Women

Left side pain is something that affects most of us at some point during our lives; it is rarely an enjoyable experience. Some will experience it during pregnancy, while others will become afflicted as they are taking a stroll in the park. Depending on where the pain is coming from, it could be life-threatening or very minor; but in any case, if one is concerned about any pain it would be best to consult with their physician.

Left-side Chest Pain and Heart Attacks

When pain is felt on the left side of the chest, it could be a symptom that a heart attack is coming soon. Many will describe this pain as a swelling or dull pressure in the chest that does not go away.

In addition, both arms tend to feel tingly and weak in the case that a heart attack is on the way. Inability to relax and take deep breaths is another common symptom, all of which should not be ignored and one would be best off calling 911 immediately in any of these cases. Another reason that chest pain could occur on the left side could be if one is not practicing a particularly healthy diet.Left-side Chest Pain and Heart Attacks

This could result in the arteries becoming clogged and arteries becoming less vascular in nature the result of which could lead to a heart attack in the future. Proper diet and exercise can prevent this type of chest pain.

Left-side Pain during Pregnancy

Women are already under enormous amounts of stress when pregnant, and left-side pain can be a symptom of serious underlying conditions. The most common reason for pain on the left side while pregnant is due to an anomaly called a Corpus Lithium cyst.

This typically develops around the beginning of the second trimester and eventually goes away as the pregnancy progresses. In the majority of cases this is not a large problem, and besides discomfort, there is no harm to the woman’s body or the child.

One of the most common reasons for pain on the left side of the body while pregnant is actually back pain. Many confuse the side pain with back pain, which is caused mainly due to the stress and weight of the baby on the woman’s body. The primary cause of back pain is due to a ligament becoming wrapped around the uterus and stretching, giving the sensation of a pulled muscle.

Some of the more grave consequences of left-side pain during pregnancy include kidney stones and appendicitis, both of which are represented by incredibly sharp pain in the lower abdomen.

Kidney stones typically pass through urine although sometimes a trip to the hospital is necessary to procure painkillers allowing one to move the stone easier. Appendicitis, on the other hand, is very frequently life-threatening, and if one suspects their appendix has burst it is critical to get to a hospital right away and seek treatment.

Side pain may be a symptom of kidneys health

Our urinary system is built to remove waste materials out of your entire body, without having to eliminate this particular waste material, your system will turn on itself and turn intoxicated with this deposits of waste materials. The kidneys, bladder, and also urinary tubes are a part of the urinary system that will guide your entire body to reduce your waste matter.

Your kidneys play the most crucial aspect on how a system functions. Cleaning one’s kidneys can be a method to increase the way in which a person’s kidneys perform, along with enhancing overall fitness. And also bad Kidney can lead to side pain, kidney stones or other problems for your body.

Your kidneys work as some sort of filtration which gets rid of the toxic compounds from our blood. Generally, the kidneys assist your whole body in keeping an effective liquid equilibrium as well as controls the volume of electrolytes within you. These are typically compounds, including salts, which will dissolve to ions when blended with the water. For excellent health, you ha toe need to maintain the suitable harmony involving the water and also electrolytes in the body.

But if the kidneys end up being sick, your total body are going to be, likewise. Then your Kidney might be a cause of a back pain or side pain as kidneys begin to fail, they might cause blockade in the urinary tract and the pain can cause left or right side pain depending on which kidney is causing the pain.

Quite a few people might already have kidney stones whenever their particular kidneys are usually not working the right way. Kidney stones are created when the body is not digesting health proteins effectively, and crystallized mineral deposits appear in your kidneys. These kinds are often very agonizing when eradicated from the urine if these are good sized, they can prohibit the urine from getting extracted. Maintaining the kidneys will assist you to disintegrate any crystallized mineral deposits which may already have developed in the kidneys.

To further improve the complete health and well being of the system as well as kidney operations, you will have to start some sort of detoxification routine for kidneys. Several of the herbal remedies and even active ingredients utilized in the kidney detox are usually unfiltered natural apple fruit juice, hydrangea roots tincture, turmeric roots, gravel roots, bear-berry, and also parsley. They are generally natural and organic and definitely will help you disintegrate any kind of kidney stones which may have developed and Vitamins B6 plus magnesium oxide minimizes anymore kidney stones from developing down the road.

One of the vital thing that can be done to aid eliminate the toxic compounds that could have developed within your kidneys, however, is usually to double-up in your intake of water. Drawback for consuming a whole lot drinking water is that you will probably be urinating more often. Even so, through this specific additional drinking water routine for a few weeks, you will start seeing an improvement in exactly how you really feel.

Whenever you will not have sufficient normal water within your system, you start feeling sluggish, and a few many actually feel nauseated. This kind of additional normal water is actually supplying your system what it would need to clean the several unhealthy toxins and enable it again to operate far better.

To be certain the kidneys are really operating the right way, use some sort of kidney detoxifying and you’ll spot the big difference on the way in which you’re feeling. Kidney performance is critical for your wellness.