What is side pain?

The pain and discomfort felt on the left, or right side of the lower back is known as side pain. Side pain usually occurs with excessive stress or physical workout by people. But sometimes side pains can be a symptom of various diseases and disorders in your body as infection, inflammation, physical stress or trauma.Side PainSome of the diseases that right or left side pain may be a symptom to can cause Abdominal pain, flu, fever, coughs, internal infection or inflammation. Depending on the reasons for the pain, side pain may appear and disappear quickly or stay for a long time. Here are some of the symptoms shown by side pain:Kidney infection
Kidney stones
IBS (irritable bowl syndrome)
Pulled stomach muscle
Stomach ulcer/tumor
Polycystic ovarian syndrome (for women)
Entropic pregnancy (for women)
Crohns disease
Ulcerative colitisIf you’re having excessive side pain which is not explainable (no physical strain, work ) or has had an injury which has caused the pain, then you should immediately consult a physician or the nearest hospital and take a diagnosis and test taken to figure out the cause of the pain.But if the pain is being caused by some heavy workout, constant work or with lifting weights, then we suggest you to take some rest and stop doing anything that causes stress to the right of left side of the body, You can do easy back exercises which will help release the pain from your side and pain giving you much-needed relief.Excessive stress during the time of pain can cause long-lasting effects on your body, posture of your body, so rest is the best way for you to relieve the pain. The pain relief may be obtained faster with the use of massage on the affected part with healing balm. Massage gently on the affected part regularly before you rest or go to bed, which makes the balm work to relieve the muscles and help you to recover from side pain much faster.

To avoid side pain caused by physical stress, you have to remember not to rigorously train on work for multiple hours that require bending your backs and lifting or moving weights around. If you really have to go through these routine, make sure to take breaks and rest your body so that stress doesn’t accumulate on the single area of the body to cause right or left side pain.

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