Reducing the Pain of Arthritis In Most Effective Ways

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Effective Ways of Dealing with Arthritis Pain Arthritis has become a major concern throughout the world with more and more people experiencing excruciating pain that can even disable a person.

There is a great deal of information on methods of dealing with arthritis pain.

Below we are going to look at the most effective of them.

Research Findings


Massage therapy Research findings of Dr. Tiffany Field from the School of Medicine at the University of Miami suggest that regular massage therapy has a positive impact on pain reduction of arthritic patients.

Effective massage therapy for arthritis pain reduction can involve regular visits to a massage spa or call a professional massage therapist to your home.

Dr. Field’s research also identified added advantages of massage therapy, besides pain relief for arthritis patients, among which include improved skeleton-motion and joint movement.

The use of heat packs and ice packs to control various kinds of pain has been around for some centuries, but there wasn’t accurate evidence to prove that it effectively helped relieve pain.

Dr. Nathan Wei a rheumatologist, through his experience and research findings, advises arthritis patients to apply gentle heat to their joints.

Gentle heat reduces the stiffness of the joints and reduces pain during locomotion.

heat therapy

The doctor goes on to advise that for effective heat therapy it is ideal to take a hot shower early in the morning coupled with gentle massaging of the affected joints.

The heat and massage combo allows for improved blood circulation through dilation of blood vessels and reduced muscle spasms which aid in pain relief.

Cold therapy on the other hand, basically does the opposite of what heat therapy does.

The cold temperature causes constriction of blood vessels and which in turn limits blood flow to the cold region thus reducing swelling.

Cold therapy is ideal for dealing with profound pain despite that cold temperature may also bring some discomfort.

If you are suffering *Watch Moderate Exercise Videos

Exercise is an effective way of preventing joint stiffness and pain. However, in the case of arthritis, you have to make sure your exercise routines need to be mild and not strenuous.

Exercises such as leg stretches, neck turns and arm stretches before going to sleep can effectively reduce joint stiffness and swelling in the morning.

Taking brief walks also helps in maintaining good blood flow to the joints thus helping eliminate stiffness.

In addition to exercise, it is also important to make sure that when sitting on the couch while watching TV, it is very important to be changing your position and not sit for a long time.

You can either get up and intervals and stretch or walk around the house.

This is very important because it helps you reduce the chances of putting too much strain on a specific joint due to staying in one fixed position for a long time.

Watch your Weight

Arthritis pain can also be augmented by excess body weight.

Putting on excess weight can strain the joints and in severe cases can negatively impact the blood vessels resulting in swelling, stiffness, and pain.

In order to reduce arthritis pains caused by excess weight consider a change in diet, lifestyle and exercise.

Change your Habits

At times our habits can increase our risks of suffering from arthritic pain.

For instance, if you are in the habit of smoking, you are at greater risk of worsening your situation if you have arthritis.

Cigarette smoke contains harmful substances that have a negative impact on connective tissues, thereby leading to increased incidences of joint and muscle pains.

Oral Hydration

It is very important to know that your joints need water to maintain its components such as cartilage.

The more you stay hydrated the more your joints have the necessary substances that reduce strain and wear.

Drug therapy

It is very important to know which drugs will help you deal with arthritis pain and which drugs won’t do you any good.

According to doctors, diclofenac is the most effective drug in dealing with pain in patients suffering from arthritis.

Drugs like acetaminophen will not do you any help as they are not meant to deal with inflammation.

Always remember that all drugs have possible side effects, so it is always best to consult with your doctor first.

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