Why Does My Body Ache? The Best Methods To Solve This

More often than not, we find ourselves asking the age-old question: why my whole body ache?

Body pain or chronic pain in the body all over tend to hamper life temporarily and can also result in catastrophic effects on a person’s day to day routine.

What it means when you have a cough and body aches or the reason behind pain all over can vary from chronic illnesses to simple lethargy.Image result for body ache

Some of the most common reasons for body ache are:

1. Exterior injuries such as :


Sometimes external injuries such as a twisted ankle can cause severe pain the body.

Other external injuries include muscle sprains that can be the result of something as simple as lifting something heavy or a strenuous sleeping position.

2. Bouts of a cough or flu

One of the symptoms of common cold and flu is body ache.

Fever tends to weaken the body, resulting in fatigue and body aches.

A fever or common cold may also result in bouts of a cough, which causes severe pain in the upper half of the body.

3. Fatigue/Sleep deprivation

One of the most common reasons for body aches is fatigue and sleep deprivation.

Lack of adequate sleep slows the body and its functions down, leading to a feeling of body pain all over the body.

Tiredness and fatigue due to excess activity, stress or illnesses such as hypothyroidism, has known to lead to body ache.

4. Hypocalcaemia

Caused by the lack of sufficient calcium in the circulation, hypocalcemia is also a side effect of hypothyroidism.

This loss of calcium from the body can lead to and pain in bones all over the body.

5. Hypothyroidism

This is an illness where the thyroid gland fails to produce sufficient thyroid hormone.

This deficiency leads to the low TSH levels in the body which result in fatigue and body ache.

6. Excessive exercise or strenuous physical activity:

Excessive exercise without proper supervision can lead to body aches.

Moreover, unsupervised exercises that require heavy lifting may lead to life-altering pains such as a chronic backache etc.

7. Iron or other deficiencies:

Anemic people are said to have pains in their body and bones.

Lack of sufficient nutrition like insufficient protein intake leads to deficiencies that result in constant body pain.

Certain deficiencies lead to weakened defense systems that result in consistent aches due to weakness.

8. Arthritis/ Osteoporosis:

Affecting majority of women, arthritis is the loss of lubricating cartilage between the bones.

This rubbing of the bones during movement without lubrication leads to excruciating pains in the bones.

Osteoporosis too leads to pain in the bones and joints due to loss of calcium in the body.

This leads to brittle bones that sprain and fracture easily.

9. Lack of physical activities:

Where excess physical activity and exercise can lead to body aches and pains, lack of physical activity too can lead to pains in the body or in muscle and joints.

A lazy body is an unhealthy body that pains all over due to stiffened muscles and joints.

10. Chronic/acute illnesses:

Illnesses such as a chronic backache and slipped back discs result in pain all over the body too.

How to Get Rid of Body Aches:Image result for body ache

The constant pinning of the same old question – why my whole body aches – can stump life for many.

There are several approaches that can be taken regarding body pain all over; the approach can either involve temporary pain relief from the body or getting to the root cause, identifying body ache symptoms and treating the source of pain in the body.

Ways of temporary relief from pain in the body:


Chiropractic has gained relative popularity as a form of alternative medicine and temporary pain relief.

Chiropractors can be consulted for pains in the back/neck or any other areas due to a chronic backache or sprains.

Hot/cold compress:

Another remedy for getting rid of temporary pain is by using hot and cold compress on the area that is aching.

The cold compress can be used in the form of ice packs that numb the place and provide temporary pain relief.

Similarly, hot compress or hot water soaks can help relieve pain the body to a great extent.


Medications and drugs that numb the pain receptors are prescribed for people with chronic pains due to illnesses or otherwise.

Painkillers are essential for people with such high intensity of chronic pain.

Topical creams are also used to numb the areas of radiating pain.

Adequate sleep/adequate diet:

Lifestyle changes cannot only provide temporary pain relief but may result in long-term benefits.

Overweight people are more prone to illnesses and body aches.

A balanced diet combined with adequate sleep and exercise, not only make the immune system stronger but also get rid of body aches.

A healthy diet helps to make your immune system stronger.

Tip* smoking weed bad for the immune system.

DIY acupressure:

Another form of alternative medicine, research has found that certain pressure points through the body may lead to relief from prolonged pain. An image of these pressure points can easily be found on the internet, using the forefinger and the index finger, light pressure can be applied to the relevant pressure point for ridding of pain.

Physical activity/yoga/ meditation:

Prolonged use of the laptop or unhealthy leaning positions at the workplace cause strain on the neck that might result in lower body aches.

Adequate physical activity and some sort of relaxation therapy such as yoga and meditation keep the body healthy and strong, relieving it from unhealthy aches and pain.

The cure for illnesses:

For people with pain and fatigue due to chronic illnesses such as hypothyroidism or osteoporosis, need to seek the relevant treatment in order to get rid of constant body pain and aches.

Painkillers only provide temporary relief.

If the source of body ache is not treated, painkiller might cause lifelong damage to addiction, depression and weakened organs.

For patients with body ache due to a slow thyroid gland, thyroxine supplements need to be taken in order to combat body ache.

Similarly, for pain and aches in the bones due to illnesses such as osteoarthritis, relevant treatments such as knee-replacement surgeries need to be sought in order to get rid of constant body aches and pains.

Similarly, for pain and aches in the bones due to illnesses such as osteoarthritis, relevant treatments such as knee-replacement surgeries need to be sought in order to get rid of constant body aches and pains.


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